Feb 18, 2004
what we have learned


What We Lave Learned!


Immigration has played an important part in building Canada. Immigrants left their homes for a variety of reasons. Some came to Canada because life in their home country was unbearable due to poverty, war, or persecution, others came because Canada was a land that held promises and hope for a better life. Government immigration policies have changed over the years. Today these governments policies are guided by a desire to produce a strong Canadian economy.

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Jan 30, 2004
My Friends!

kayla: we are always fighting but we have so much fun together. i am so close with you.
shana: ur just the best ur so pretty and u always make me laugh cuz ur always so happy
tay: me and u are so close now u are so much fun to hang around with ur just so nice!
kaylee: ur so crazy just like me lol it is great hagin with somone that likes the same things as me
jordan: u are a really great person just so nice and thoughtful
julie: u are always rewining it.. but i love that it is so funny i think that u are just a great person to hang around with
marcella: u are so full of life i am always in a good mood when ur around
melissa: i  m gonna get u for scarin me!! lol u make me so hiper it is awsome
elyssa: i mIss old time ALOT.. so many good memories wiht you
becca: me and u are kinda too close but i laugh so hard with u and just have so much fun with u 4real
hannah: me and u are bball friends!
shane: u are so funny people can be them self around u!
cody wen ever i look over at u ur doin somtin crazy! ur so fun
jason: i dont really know what to say bout u we dont talk to each other alot i hope we start to cuz ur awsome! 
drake: ur so hot! lol hope me and u can be close friends!
teague: i have never met any one like u in my life befor. u r the funnest person EVER
steve: hangin with u is never boring!

i cant belive u hung up wiht jaosn lma becca
ya i SUCK at typing lmao teague
i'm inconciderate i dont share lmao julie
watch the dove lmao kayla julie amelia becca hannah
wheres me straw lmao same ppl
shell..shell..shell lmao team
i'm movin to the groovin lmao cody
drop ur books its fun lmao marcella & julie
u dont?! lmao drake
drake i'm coming lmao kayla & becca
we're gagstas lmao tay
no more bla bla bla lmoa becca
sexy dance lmao julie marcella & kayla
good good gooood lmao tay
rip it... RIP IT gooood lmao team
jorja u suck at throwing... and catching! lmao julie and becca
pink headband lmao dana
yo bow i'm ur god father lmao teague
give him the stick... DONT GIVE HIM THE STICK lmoa becca
ya hes so hot but they whited out his mouth lmao tay
i spit my food out and peed my pants at thanks giving dinner lmao taylor
MXC lmao jordan
shoooooooot lmoa team
never a dull moment lmao tay
my pencils stuck in your hair lmao shana

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Dec 10, 2003

Asimo is a robot that can do almost everything. I think he will change our culture because he can start do the work for humans. They will be come more lazy and wont have to work the robot can do that for them. Maybe if he is smart enough he might even do jobs for people. our culture would drastically change because of this. He can be your friend and he can do so much for us so he will probably change our culture into being a very technology and maybe even lazy place.

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Dec 9, 2003
how is alsmo is goign to change our culture.

go to google and find out how it is going to chnage hwo we live?!

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the social test

I think I did bad on the test. I studied but i just did not really get the test. I did ok on the matching. I studied more the summary's though not the Arunta and the Mennonites and the things like that. I studied the webs a lot but i always get them mixed up. the test looked so simple but it was a lot harder than it looked, to me. Now I know what to study and will try harder for the next test.

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Dec 2, 2003
culture quest test!!!

Tuesday december 9 coverign everything from the book!

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Nov 26, 2003
Minority by Green Day




Stepped out of the line

Like a sheep runs from the herd

Marching out of time

To my own beat now

The only way I know

The part of the song I picked means to be different from the group. To do your own thing and  to be doing what you want to do. It means that you are not  the same as everyone. It means that you do not want to listen to the rules and that you want to be your own person.









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